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Hytek Concrete Products Pty Ltd

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Hytek Concrete Products Pty Ltd

PO Box 5
Renmark SA
Australia 5341

Phone! 08 1300 300 069
Cellular 0414 812 220
Fax (08) 8595-5466
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Precast Concrete including Panels Category

Hytek's concrete Wine Cellars are a great addition to a new home. The cellar can be incorporated in the floor plan, while for existing homes the cellar can be located in the backyard, under a new shed, in the side of a hill or even under a carport.
Hytek's cellars are built so well you can safely park a car on top! The cellars can also be used for extra storage rooms, pump houses, pump sumps or workshops. Building companies looking for viable, trouble-free underground storage options are turning to Hytek cellars.

Concrete Ideas

It seems appropriate that a company from Australia’s largest wine producing region has designed a modular wine cellar that makes it practical and viable for most wine lovers to own one. Hytek Concrete Products in South Australia’s Riverland recognises the need for wine lovers to protect their investment.

We know that wines will not get better with age unless they are stored correctly.The keys to ideal storage are:

  • Controlling the temperature. Anything between five and 18 degrees Celisus is the optimum range.
  • Eliminating the potential for drastic fluctuations in temperature. The steady ebbs and flows between winter and summer won’t represent a problem, but sudden drops or increases on a daily or weekly basis is almost certain to damage the wine and speed up the ageing process prematurely.
  • An excessively warm environment will age a wine quicker than cold temperatures.
  • Light will prematurely age bottled wine.
  • Do not place a cellar in a location where it will be subject to ongoing vibrations from nearby machinery or traffic.
  • Wine should be stored horizontally to ensure the contents remains in contact with the cork.
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Wine lovers who have paid scant regard to these storage provisions run the real risk of paying a hefty price. There are have been examples of wine collectors who have invested in prestigious wines like Penfolds’ world famous Grange only to discover that the prized wines have turned to vinegar due to incorrect storage.

Wine experts have long advocated that the value of a wine cellar for those serious about storing wine should not be underestimated.

At Hytek, we agree and strongly believe that your wine will only be as good as your storage.

Product Services

  • Waterproof Concrete Cellars
  • Pumping Sumps
  • Manhole Access Risers
  • 5,000 & 10,000 gallon Water Tanks suitable for underground use
  • AG. Drainage Sumps
  • Associated Concrete Products
  • Industrial and Domestic Septic Tanks

Our Qualifications: 14 years - Concrete Finisher & Carpenter
5 years - Pre Cast Concrete

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