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DEVI Heating Systems Pty Limited was established in Australia in 1993 as the Australian supplier of the DEVI range of radiant heating products, manufactured by DEVI A/S, in Denmark. DEVI Denmark has been involved in the heating industry since 1942, beginning the production of heating cables in the early sixties. DEVI is the world’s largest specialist electric heating cable supplier, offering a complete range of radiant heating products worldwide.

DEVI Heating Systems are suppliers of the most comprehensive range of heating cables, including the new 'SuperThin' heating mat, time and temperature controllers, heated towel rails, radiant heating panels & more...1800 636 091

DEVI Heating Systems is Australian owned and operated. The directors of the company, Kevin and Vilma Weston, have been involved in the floorheating industry since 1978. Starting business on Sydney’s northern beaches, the company has grown from a small specialist floorheating installation company to being the largest supplier of floorheating Australia-wide.

In 2004 DEVI moved its Sydney operations into a large specially refurbished location in Bassett Street, Mona Vale. Kevin and Vilma Weston are still involved in the day-today workings of the business, and are supported by a strong and dedicated team; most employees have been associated with the business for 10 years or more, with one employee having been with there since 1978.

In Australia, DEVI Heating Systems bases its business on the same philosophy as its parent company i.e., the supply of technically advanced, economical and environmentally considerate heating systems that meet the needs of their customers.

With over 25 years’ experience in the design, supply and installation of radiant heating systems, the management and staff of DEVI work closely with their distributors and installers, and is able to provide a ‘one stop’ service to their customers.

Product approvals – DEVI Australia

The DEVI product line includes a very comprehensive range of heating cables, heating mats, electronic floor sensing thermostats, heated towel rails, radiant heating panels, commercial fan heaters and specialised industrial heating products.

DEVI’s thin heating mats comply to AS/NZS 60335.2.96:2002*.
All DEVI heating products have Australian approvals:

  • CS8362N In Slab Heating Cables
  • CS8361N Single Conductor Heating Cables for Screed
  • CS05188V Twin Conductor Heating Cables for Screed
  • CS04339V Single Conductor Heating Mats
  • CS04216V D540 Thermostat Range
  • CS8364N D520 Thermostat Range
  • CS04033V D130 Thermostat Range
  • CS8365N D330 Thermostat Range
  • CS8363N Heated Towel Rails

For further information visit the DEVI Heating Systems website.

Product Services

  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Radiant Ceiling Heating
  • Ceiling & Wall Heater Panels
  • Heated Towel Rails
  • Mirror Heaters
  • Soil Warming & Propagation Heaters
  • Nursery Heating
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Heating Cables

Business Associations

  • HIA
  • NECA
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