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Drake Myotherapy

Drake Myotherapy

North Ave, Bentleigh
Melbourne VIC
Australia 3204

Phone! 0419306763
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Massage Licensed Therapists Category

Are you suffering from chronic/acute pain,discomfort,tension,muscle/tendon/ligament strains and sprains, and loss of mobility?

I am a Bentleigh based Myotherapist & Yumeiho therapist offering assessment,diagnosis,treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

What Does our Melbourne Myotherapy Treatment Involve?

Some of the Techniques involved in Drake Myotherapy treatments are:

-Yumeiho Therapy Spinal/Joint Adjustments

-Hatchards Way Manipulative Muscle Therapy (realignment of muscles/tendons/ligaments)

-Lester Cox Technique

-Deep Tissue/ Soft Tissue Massage (manipulation)

-Myofascial Release

-Joint Mobilization

-Dry Needling

-Trigger Point Release

-Muscle Energy Techniques (MET)

-Passive stretching

-TENS Machine

-Corrective Exercise prescription

-Corrective stretches

-Postural advice and Education

Treatments include:

Postural And Range of Motion Analysis,Spinal/Joint Adjustments,Dry Needling,Trigger Point Therapy,Deep Tissue Massage,Corrective Adjustments To Muscles,Tendons,Ligaments,Rehabilitation Exercises & Stretches, Lifestyle Advice.

Postural Advice And Assessment

A postural assessment is to assess and see how your body stands and holds it self. It shows what muscles need to be strengthened and what muscles need to be loosened. This is very important.

Orthopedic Testing

The use of a variety of diagnostic tests to help identify the specific nature of your musculoskeletal injury or condition.

Range Of Motion Testing(ROM)

ROM(range of motion) testing is a measurement of movement around a joint. It identifies which muscles are restricting movement, or if the joint itself is restricting movement.

Rehabilitation Exercises And Stretches

Advice on what corrective exercises and stretches to perform to strengthen and stretch the correct muscles to make sure your injury/pain/dysfunction does not return in the future.

Spinal/Joint Adjustment-Yumeiho Therapy

Adjustments help to loosen and realign the joints, which provides and increase in range of movement and a decrease in pain and restriction.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is the use of solid filiform needles(also referred to as acupuncture needles) for therapy of muscle,tendon,ligament pain.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to treat chronically contracted areas of muscle tissue,tendons and fascia(connective tissue surrounding muscles). It is concentrated on areas of pain and tension.

Muscle,Tendon,Ligament Adjustments

Specialty technique: This is the hands on corrective alignment of muscles,tendons,and ligaments into their correct anatomical positions. Also referred to as Lester Cox & Hatchards Way techniques.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a tight area within muscle tissue that causes local and referred pain to other parts of the body. Trigger point therapy is the release of these specific points.

Nearby Service areas are: Heatherton, Bentleigh, Mckinnon, Ormond, Patterson, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park

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