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Despite being Sydney wedding videographers and photographers, we seem to keep finding ourselves in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands, not that it’s a bad thing! Davina and Joel celebrated more than ten years together by getting married in the luxurious and beautiful Milton Park Estate. The In A Maze wedding videographers team was on hand to capture their special Jewish wedding filled with traditions such as the signing of the wedding contract and the lively chair dance.

On the perfect summer’s day, guests arrived and mingled among the gorgeous gardens for Davina and Joel’s Milton park wedding. Fighting back tears, we could sense Joel’s nervous anticipation as he saw his gorgeous bride walk down the aisle hand-in-hand with her father. Our videographers worked with focus and intent in order to capture the traditional Hebrew vows of their wedding and as the ceremony concluded, a big mazel tov erupted from the crowd!


The celebratory mood was high and the music and dancing started early. As guests started to form a lively circle and dance around the newlyweds we knew something fun was certain to happen. Like their spirits, Davina and Joel were lifted into the air and danced along in their chairs while everyone cheered on before finally settling down for a well-deserved meal.

When guests headed towards the reception, they were left awestruck at what lay before them. Like a garden out of a storybook, the room was decadently filled with the freshest flowers in what was nothing short of amazing. Senses and moods were invigorated and as a result, what followed were some of the most inspirational and touching speeches delivered. It was in both the glistening teary eyes and the unbridled chuckles that we could see how Davina and Joel were simply meant for each other.

The dancing soon started up again as the band played, but as they wrapped up, rumors spread that the party was only just beginning. All was unveiled when internationally renowned act Flight Facilities finally took to the stage with a roar from the crowd. Guests were thrilled and danced the night away as the celebrations were taken to the next level.

We had a blast at Davina and Joel’s Jewish wedding and above all, we wish the couple the very best for their years ahead.


At In A Maze, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional wedding videography services to all our couples. As a result, we’re always dedicated to capturing those unique and endearing moments that make wedding days special. As visual storytellers, something we love is great styling because who doesn’t want their wedding to look amazing?

Bailan and Chris are a couple with a truly great style and taste. When we met to discuss wedding videography services, they told us about their styling plans and ideas for the day. Immediately, we knew their day was set to be amazing and we couldn’t wait.


Bailan and Chris began their wedding day with a traditional ceremony at Sydney’s iconic St Mary’s Cathedral. Our wedding videographers were delighted because of how inspirational the building was, both on the inside and outside. Standing before family and friends, the pair looked nothing short of amazing as they said their vows. A warmth seemed to emanate from the gorgeous sandstone walls which surely had a history as rich as the couple’s.

After the ceremony, guests adjourned to Woolloomooloo for the wedding reception at the Ovolo Hotel. Everyone was treated to a visual spectacle in what was probably one of the most stylish receptions we had seen. A colour palette of deep purple and red hues created a moody backdrop that totally a contrasted the ceremony. It was elegant, it was stylish and above all, it was perfectly Bailan and Chris.

Looking through this film, we couldn’t have been happier at how amazing it all was. We were honored to offer our wedding videography services to Bailan and Chris to capture something so beautiful. We wish the couple all the best for their future days ahead.


Our Sydney wedding videography team traveled down to the south coast of New South Wales to capture Sisi and Alister’s magnificent wedding festival. The couple transformed The Woods Farm of Jervis Bay into a stunning and magical wonderland that perfectly fit the beauty of the natural surroundings for a weekend to remember.

Sisi and Alister’s love story unfolded just like a television drama as big city girl meets country town boy. Two people with the most unlikely of pasts and backgrounds brought together and fall head-over-heels in love, overcome a long-distance relationship and eventually finding themselves together and even more in love.

Celebrations began as guests arrived at The Woods Farm a night early for a pre-wedding pizza party to give a delicious taste of things to come. Sisi and Alister played the perfect hosts and with the warm surroundings, our videographers knew this was going to be something special.

On the big day, the couple was surrounded by their loved ones for both the Chinese tea ceremony and the Western wedding ceremony as they shared memories of their early years together and talked fondly of the future. We let our instincts and experience take the lead to capture the intimate moments during these traditions. As Sisi and Alister’s said their vows, the longing glances and affectionate smiles between the pair said more of their love than words could and before long, a gentle afternoon light brought out the natural wildlife and signaled the transition for what would be the perfect night of celebrations.

As the sun set, The Woods Farm was transformed by a wash of soft light as guests nestled themselves by fire pits and in cozy spaces while indulging in the beauty of the natural surroundings. With plenty of feasting and drinking, Sisi and Alister’s wedding festival went into full swing as the band played and got everyone up to dance the night away under a canopy of stars.

As wedding photographers and wedding videographers, we love getting out of busy Sydney. Being able to witness the fond moments of Sisi and Alister’s wedding reminded us of how lucky we are to capture memories. We were thrilled to be part of Sisi and Alister’s wedding and wish them all the best for the years ahead.


As wedding videographers and photographers, we’ve travelled far and wide across Australia and around the world to capture incredible moments. However, sometimes the best things happen in your very own backyard, or in our case, Sydney’s Inner West. Our Sydney wedding videographers had the pleasure of working with friends Melissa and Simon as they celebrated their big day.

Melissa, an event stylist and planner and Simon, an artist and sign-writer are creatives in every way. Together the couple form Ashdown and Bee, one of Sydney’s most in-demand wedding styling businesses.


With the formalities done, it was time for what was a spectacular wedding reception in every sense of the word. Melissa and Simon transformed a Summer Hill warehouse from a blank canvas into one of the most unique venues we had ever seen. Finally, With an extravagant wash of colour and light, the couple brought out all the stops and spared no expense in creating a style masterpiece. Our wedding videographers along with guests explored the space with awe and wonder. From lush hanging floral installations to unique lighting statement pieces and a custom graffiti marquee, every element was remarkable!

As the evening continued with touching and funny speeches, Melissa and Simon shared a beautiful first dance before being joined by guests to party the night away in a celebration to be remembered. Certainly, a big congratulations to Melissa and Simon on their marriage and we wish them all the best for years and years to come.


We call ourselves wedding videographers and photographers, but at heart, we’re simply storytellers who are captivated by cinematic wedding videography. After all, every love story is unique and hence, being a part of that is very special for us. We were lucky enough to shoot Mala and Luke’s pre wedding and got to know about their romantic past. Because of this, we knew our cinematic wedding videography would be a perfect way to capture their amazing wedding day.

When we first met Mala and Luke we could see the strong connection they had. When we discovered they went to high school and grew up together in the Northern beaches, it all made sense. Most of all, we loved it when Luke said he was amazed by Mala’s dancing. So before they were even married, they were lovers, companions and above all, best friends.


Mala and Luke celebrated their wedding at The Boat House in Palm Beach. The couple’s relaxed nature set the mood for what was certainly one of the most enjoyable weddings ever. Guests mingled by the waterfront for the bridal party to arrive and spirits were high for such an occasion. Like a scene from a movie, Luke and his groomsmen arrived to the ceremony by boat. And finally, before long, his stunning bride Mala, came to greet him. Holding back tears of joy, the pair supported each other through their emotion-filled vows. With the formalities done, Mala and Luke danced their way to the reception filled with smiles and laughter.

We loved telling Mala and James’ love story with our cinematic wedding videography. It is because of couples like them that we push our creative boundaries to capture such beautiful moments. Above all, we’re thankful to be a part of something so special. Congratulations!


At In A Maze, narrative is at the heart of what we do as wedding videographers and photographers. Everyone loves a good story and it’s our privilege to capture the special moments built up over a lifetime. We love all our couples and every now and then we get something different. Something unique that captivates our curiosity in every way. And Lilac and Alex’s surprise vow renewal was just that.

Because Lilac and Alex are the type of couple you don’t often meet. Lilac, one of Sydney’s up-and-coming event stylists and Alex, a songwriter and musician highly active in the Sydney music scene, share a life full of creativity rivalled only by their passion for each other. Not one to ever follow tradition, it was Lilac this time who wanted to surprise her husband. Our wedding videography team was on hand to capture their vow renewal and the journey that brought them together.


Arriving early to The Sheds in Marrickville, our videography team captured Lilac completely in her element. Because We watched closely as Lilac and her team transformed the space with her unique take on centerpieces and styling details to create a moody yet fun vibe that perfectly fit the couple and occasion. So everyone waited patiently for the big arrival and suddenly, the place erupted with cheers of laughter and congratulations as Alex entered.

So we had a peek into the life of Lilac and Alex as our videographers spent a day with the couple documenting their journey. Also speaking fondly of their 10 years together, there was no denying the bond shared between the pair who were completely in sync in everything they did, together or alone.

We feel absolutely blessed to have our wedding videographers be a part of such a unique celebration as Lilac and Alex’s vow renewal ceremony. Congratulations and surprise or not, we wish you all the best for your future celebrations!


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