InBalance Therapy Clinic - Massage Wangaratta

InBalance Therapy Clinic - Massage Wangaratta
35A Vincent Rd
Wangaratta VIC
Australia 3677

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If you're seeking massage in Wangaratta, InBalance is the place to go. At InBalance Therapy I provide a variety of massage styles & other therapeutic techniques to solve a variety of problems. Come and see me for back, hip, shoulder or leg pain, headaches and migraines, sore muscles, sports or work injuries or if you just want to relax and let go of stress. Soft tissue massage is a great way to reduce or get rid of the everyday aches and pains that many people just put up with, pop a pill for, or give up on thinking it's old age. Allow us to help At InBalance I also provide lymphoedema therapy and management - Manual Lymphatic Drainage, compression garments, bandaging, skin and self care. Low Level Laser Therapy is also available.

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